Core squared, I think

So I had some trouble squaring the core but I eventually got the X down to within a mm but the Y is off about 1/4". When one truck is against the corner the other is 1/4" off. I did everything from tension bolts to tearing down and rechecking squareness of my base to no avail.
So just for poops and giggles I zipped tied a sharpie on the core and hand drew a square and damn if the diagonals aren’t dead on! I will be running dual end stops, so am I good?

Not sure if the links work. How do you add pics?

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Maybe your feet are not square. Then the rails are, but it seems they are off.

Feet are square, corner tops are square and the trucks were square before the core.

Hmm. Is the rail straight?

I had similar issue and I had to reprint my trucks I didn’t read proper and printed them with supports. And where the bearings go the little raised diameter wasn’t holding the bearings square on the face where it should.
Also you could try loosening the corner clamps and rotating the rail 90* just index it before you rotate and see. I did get a lil curved section on my pipe when I got it delivered.