Corner clamp

I made this simple corner clamp as a quick test of my new updated machine, mostly to see if it was square and it was. I made it 125mm square with two obround pockets big enough for my clamp heads. I measured it at 124.7 x 124.9mm so I am happy with the accuracy. So far it’s a little off in the z dimension. It measures 91.7 degrees but I used 2mm depth of cut and cut at slow speed, need to try other options to see if I can get it better.

Here is the youtube video that gave me the idea:

[attachment file=31569]

[attachment file=31570]



There is a thing that attaches to the collet of the 660 to show off squareness in the Z. I think Ryan (Allted) made it.

Here it is. He calls it a perpendiculararity tester. I think it’s more of a peculiarity tester ?

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