Correct settings in Estlcam

Hi fellow uses,

I am on my way for the first primo built and altogether it is ok, but at the very end I have problems with the correct settings in Estlcam-

I use an Arduino Uno with cnc-shield and the X /Y axis do have the same mmicroswitches (below the stepper drivers) activated and in Estlcam I put 1600 in “steps per turn”. Should be ok, but unfortunately is not, because the x axis walks the double way than it should.
So If it shoudl move 100 mm it moves 200.

As a countermeasure I reduced “steps per turn” to 800, but this is clearly not the intended solution…

Do you have any ideas why my axis behave differently although their should not??


Are you using Estlcam firmware? I’ve got that controller but I use grbl, so I was going to ask what your $$ settings were, but that might not apply in your situation.

Sounds like you’re getting 1/4 micro-stepping from the driver when you’re expecting 1/8 micro-stepping. I suggest double checking that the jumpers (under the driver boards) are all making contact between their respective pins, and that the pins themselves are well soldered to the board. I’ve had a couple of those jumpers where the little metal shunt fell out, so there was no contact when it was slipped over the pins.

You could also swap driver boards to see if the problem follows the driver. If it does, then check that driver for good solder joints on all of its pins.

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Hi Tom,

thanks for pointing me to the jumpers!
That did the trick, as obviously one jumper did not connect correctly!
Now I made my first “pencil” picture!


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Glad my comment was useful. Enjoy using the machine!