Cost full mpcnc bought from spain

Hi, I’m very interesed on the MPCNC. I’m from Spain and I use the metric sistem. I’m a little bit lost with the bundles the web is offering. If i want to buy all the parts from you, except the metal pipes and the spindle, what bundles do I need? And how much would it cost to send it to Spain. Tanks!

Welcome. Metric is fine. Ryan has the parts designed for imperial and metric, but it seems the V1 shop only sells imperial hardware. Cost for shipping seems to vary with country, but you can get everything in the cart in the shop and then it will calculate shipping. I know some folks have asked this before and the general response is, “it depends.” Perhaps someone who recently has purchased in Spain or another European country can give you a better idea without your having to go through the shop for an estimate.

We do need a good sticky topic with a flow chart on purchasing! I’ll start with this and edit it as people make suggestions. If you would be willing to keep following up with this topic, we can document the process well and maybe get something on the documentation page.

  1. Procure the conduit/tubing that you are going to use. It seems that stainless 25mm outside diameter is common in Europe, but have it in hand first!

  2. Then purchase in the V1 shop the correct set of printed parts that correspond to your tubing. MPCNC printed parts bundle. Choose the metric option for the tool mount nut size.

  3. Purchase in the V1 shop the Mostly Printed CNC Parts Bundle. It has all the hardware, belts, lead screw included, plus the bearings.

I do not see a metric option for the hardware (nuts and bolts). Curious as to whether or not shipping would be less. I wonder what people do for this. If you buy the full bundle, you will choose the option for the control board that you want. The mini Rambo is fine but it can’t be used if later on you might want to upgrade to dual endstops. It is the least expensive. The choice of controller also dictates what type of wiring harness you will receive. The power supply is part of this bundle.

It’s not too difficult to source bearings and hardware locally. then from the V1 shop you would need to purchase the control board and power supply, the wiring harness. The lead screw and lead screw nut and the flex coupler. the steppers, belts and pulleys,

  1. You may want to purchase the LCD full graphics controller from the V1 shop. It allows you to control the machine from the screen menu and not be connected to a computer. It’s a good idea to get one, unless you are experienced with running a CNC machine from a computer, like a 3D printer using octoprint.

  2. You will have to decide on a spindle to purchase locally. From that you will need to figure out what tool mount solution is needed. If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, that might be an issue.

Here are topics that discusses what you need to purchase:


Would be awesome if the recent builders could post material sourcing and local cost to complete their setup to a short google forms questionnaire.

Not sure how the community would react. Hoping it isn’t against any rules either.

Would make it a lot simpler to budget and identify suitable local materials (especially conduit) to the future builders.

I think this would be helpful. I filled it out. I don’t know if cost is as big an issue on most of this as is source. For example, have questions about sourcing the different parts, like controller, motors, wiring, hardware either from shop or online other.

I’d be curious as to what controllers folks are using.

Something about shipping costs might be relevant.

Who is using Marlin and who is using other firmware.

I think knowing how many are printing their own parts versus getting them from Ryan would be interesting, but that might need some feedback from Ryan. I would imagine he has some pretty good metrics.

Shipping would not change with a few parts taken out. I have three sized boxes, three prices, Tiny, med and large. Med fits either set plus a lot and large fits a full hardware and printed parts plus a few things. It is not by weight so no need to break down a kit and lose the discount to save an once or two.