Cpl Questions about burning firmware...

I’ve been humming and hawing about the order to do some things in and realizing that I simple need to ask here. (I am SOMEWHAT lysdexic… errr dyslexic… and drilling down to find SPECIFIC info is sometimes tiring & frustrating)

I have a Ramps 1.4 and the Arduino ready to go. I DON’T presently have them attached to the machine yet. (At the moment, I’m NOT at home where the CNC is… but I have the Arduino and Ramps & drivers with me though)

  • Question 1: Does the firmware just get loaded into the Arduino... or is there some path to the Ramps controller where firmware ends up?
  • Q2: -If it just gets burned to the Arduino does that mean I can simply do it while it is not connected to anything but my laptop? -OOOOR... does the Ramps HAVE TO BE attached to the Arduino AND therefore also have power going directly to the Ramps?
I'm THINKING that I can simply ignore the Ramps at the moment and just burn the FW to the Arduino but I get nervous about making mistakes in the order I do things AND I don't want to have to travel back to where the CNC is in order to do this next step.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

For the firmware process you can just use the Arduino and your computer connected with a USB cable. It configures as a serial port and you set it in the Arduino IDE at 250000 baud. Download or clone the firmware from Ryan’s github page and open it in the latest Arduino IDE and you should be good.


You are fine to flash the arduino by itself. The RAMPS is a “dumb” breakout board.