Cracked Roller Block

I have used my MPCNC about a dozen times or so in light usage over 3 months. (I am estimating around 20 hours run time) I went to do some adjustments (having trouble squaring large cuts) and noticed that the roller block is cracked at the single bearing point. This is v1 of the part purchased on this site. Any thoughts as to why this would happen? I checked my other blocks and they look OK. I definitely did not over tighten the bolt.

Also, will this cause problems as I continue to use the machine? I do not have access to a 3D printer so printing a replacement is not an option.


It happens with printed parts. Should be able to use some plastic epoxy to fix it. I can’t remember which plastic the kits are printed from, I think it’s pla, so either epoxy or even superglue will work.

The problem is I am unable to close the gap and hold it for a repair. Should I just put Epoxy in the crack to bind it? I know it is not ideal. I am not sure how critical this is. It does make the roller very loose on the rail.

Just get some glue in there so it does progress and it should be fine. All kinds of things can cause it, drastic temp change, roller lock too tight is the usual suspect, or the bearing bolt being too tight.