Cramer’s MP3DP

I have managed to cut each piece in one pass with my MPCNC. That sure does speed up the time it takes to cut each piece.

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Should I paint this? All my 3D printed parts are red so I was thinking about painting it black?

This video is 1.9 gb so it might take a second to load. What do you think about the speed of cutting the entire piece in one pass? It starts cutting the part out at 1:30 of the 5 minute video.




Looks good, I always use a finishing pass but other than that looks great.


I think some sort of paint or finish is a good idea to keep the greasy finger prints off of it. One day you will get a clogged nozzle or filament jam and next thing you know it will be a mess.

Paint is a good choice for mdf. It will go on quick and thick and protect it. Something glossy, what goes with red? Maybe black or gray or white? Superman blue to go with the joker v1 from fish tacos?

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What holds this rod in place?


[attachment file=“2018-10-12 13.10.46.jpg”]

Gravity, it is a good way to tell when/if your bearings go bad. If you are nervous you can add a drop of Super Glue and it should not move.

I guess neither end of it has a good enough hold on the rod so it falls out easily.

Drop of glue is good, it comes off the metal just easy enough not to worry about it down the road.

Will do. Some of these bearings don’t slide as easy as I would have thought. The bed takes a bit to move it. Maybe the bearing holder brackets are too tight?

Yeah, very little pressure. I think I have a picture in the instructions. One side is flush and should be tight, the other side just needs a touch of tension.

The Z stepper should keep that rod up, and gravity down.

Now the bed is sliding along like butter. I switched back to the HeffePlate V2. What are the 4 holes in the back left corner of the plate?

I put a little super glue on there. I will have to wait until it dries before I can test the movement out.


[attachment file=“MP3DP Front.jpg”]

[attachment file=“MP3DP Rear.jpg”]

[attachment file=“MP3DP Side.jpg”]

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Cable tie your bed wires.

Looks awesome! How did you paint the MDF? Shellac followed by black? Which black, that’s the finish I want for mine as well.

Thanks! I used the ACE Hardware brand of spray paint. The nozzle on these cans are great. I painted these parts with 2 coats.

I tried using the primer and then paint on another LowRider MDF piece but the MP3DP pieces turned out better IMO.

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Oh no the X carriage is backwards.

I’m not sure I’m following… Unless this isn’t the part you are talking about.


[attachment file=“X Carriage2.PNG”]

[attachment file=“X Carriage.PNG”]


That photo is taken from the back… Oops. Not a huge deal to fix.

Yes it is. Ooops! I guess we will see how strong the little dab of super glue is.

Thanks for pointing that out.