Crappy birch plywood

Nothing like spending $80 on the good stuff and finding voids all over the place. Speaking of which does anyone have a good method of removing tabs that doesn’t mess up the super thin top veneer?.

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Care to mention the source of this ‘good stuff’?

Johnson lumber in Edgewater Maryland I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt once since I’ve bought from them before but it’s not what it used to be.

I should have suspected something as this sheet weighed too much compared to ones I’ve gotten them in the past.

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Yeah, probably a good idea, they’re dependent on their suppliers too. I know a retailer local to me stocks 6mm BB but can’t even source 3mm from his supplier.


I also see a lot more voids that I’m used to seeing in Baltic Birch. Usually the stuff is very uniform.


It’s probably safe to chalk the declining quality in ply to the same reason quality has declined with pretty much everything; it is the drawn out covid shutdowns and the resulting supply shortages. This month a new one came up for me… now I am even having a hard time purchasing latex paint for my jobs. Wood has more than doubled in cost. I can just defer that cost to my customers, but it’s another thing when deliveries are postponed due to inability to source basic materials. Regardless how smokey/mirror our politics are these days, the costs of it all are real. It’s time to pay the piper folks… vote wisely.

In Europe, steel is lacking…

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My local store sells 60"x60" sheets and 4’x8’ sheets. I read somewhere that only the stuff from europe comes in the 60" sheets. Maybe that is better quality?

But all the stuff I have used has had some voids.

Yeah the 5 x5 is a lousy dimension for me it doesn’t fit in my car and I have to trim a foot off to use it on the lowrider. But it is better looking stuff.

I have them cut them in half. 30"x60" is pretty useful and fits in my car.