Crazy Idea? 1" Conduit

So I’m still in the planning stages for my build. I’m planning on doing some aluminum and thinking something in the ballpark of a 1’ by 2’ work area. When I first came across these routers and was downloading the files, I thought the 25.4mm version was for 1" conduit and didn’t realize it was for 1" stainless. Over the weekend I was out in my garage and noticed I have a piece of 1" conduit and was comparing it to some 3/4" I had laying around. Seems like the 1" is much stiffer. I don’t have any 1" stainless to compare, but I was thinking. The OD of 1" conduit is listed at something like 1.163" OD. If the flex of the 1" conduit is close to the 1" stainless, would that be something worth investigating? The price difference is considerable and seems like it might be worth looking into. I loaded a few parts from the 25.4mm files and so parts don’t seem like would be too difficult to modify, but I’m sure the more complex pieces would be a lot of work.

Anyone have any input? Just crazy talk?

Edit: Also figured out my initial confusion. The thingiverse page says…
“These parts are for 25.4mm = 1” OD conduit"

It isn’t that easy, a lot of the parts stack up and overlap. The last one took me about 3 weeks to get right. I am not interested in doing another at this time.

A 1’ x 2’ build area conduit if fine for that stainless is overkill, no need for a whole new set of parts.

Yeah sorry wasn’t trying to suggest you take on that task. I’m sure that it would be quite an undertaking to redesign the entire framework.

I figured as much. I’m always trying for overkill.

No worries I just get asked all the time for very random sizes, I suppose most think it is parametric but it isn’t.

Well there goes my other plan. I also bought some 4" wooden dowel rods and coated them with chrome spray paint. Was hoping you could whip up an entire set to fit them by tomorrow.

chrome does make things faster…

Don’t forget the wing.