crazy long cutting time

I would like to carve out a plaque for my niece. It is roughly 12 inches square with much detail. If I am looking at this correctly it is telling me it will take 59 hours to complete. Any suggestions how to shorten this?


Put the grid on and make sure it is the size you think it is.

I dont know how to bring the grid up for a stl file. The only thing that indicates the size is this.

It appears to be 3x bigger than it actually should be. You can get the grid under the View tab in Estlcam.

I don’t have that option in 3d mode. The only options are tool list and CNC controller. I’m not sure if it makes any difference but the original file is very small(about 2x2 inches if you 3d print it)


the model is 901 x 966mm - almost 1 x 1 meter.
60 hours for a model that big is nothing unusual.

If this is not the intended size just change the size in the width and length fields of the preview dialog.

If the size is intentional but you need the time down anyways increase steopover - but quality will suffer.



Thank you Christian, not only for the answer to this but also for ESTLCAM.