Creality pro -firmware help

new firmware from daniel brooks, here are the list of things in marlin he enable. his website is I was wonder ing if tom could steer me to one of his video’s that uses the menu to do this.
but I need to know the sequence of setting the z-offset and the height the head goes when it homes. I keep adding to the parking height instead of the z-offset. what do i do first in menu, and so on. the head homes and parks to higher, and where do i add or subtract the z-offset amount. does it use the parking height or when it goes down to check height. confused. Its hard to put in words a lot of this stuff.

  • Official Marlin Firmware with the latest updates
  • PID adjustments and auto tune from LCD
  • BLTouch using the probe as Z-Endstop or manual Mesh calibration
  • Bilinear bed leveling with multiple slow probing for maximum precision (5x5 array)
  • Filament runout sensor enabled (3-wire sensor, EZOut compatible) - can be disabled from the LCD menu
  • Restore bed leveling after G28 - no need of custom slicer GCode to load the bed level data
  • LCD based bed leveling
  • Z safe homing (avoid hitting the printed parts)
  • BLTouch voltage menu on the LCD (for BLTouch 3.0 and 3.1)
  • Show filament consumption on the LCD
  • Show remaining, elapsed and estimated printing time in the LCD. If the slicer added the time estimations to the GCode, it will use the slicer information.
  • Power loss recovery - can be turned on/off from the LCD
  • Babystepping
  • Arc support (G2/G3)
  • Bezier curve support (G5)
  • Adjusted the filament change settings for the official Ender 3 bowden tube length
  • Customized menus with the “famous” Heat and Level command
  • Pins debugging (M43)
  • Advanced pause - filament change (M600)
  • Hot End idle timeout - turn off the heater after 5 minutes
  • Host Action commands - enhanced Octoprint integration
  • Cancel objects (M486

This forum is really focused on settings for the v1 machines. We’ve definitely helped people configure stuff for other machines before, but I am not really sure what you are asking. It is hard to make good responses when you don’t get a good question.

I am sorry, I have a creality ender pro, with btt board a bltouch. when I go into my menu after turning it on. I auto home. the head goes to x home then y homes, then it goes to the middle and homes z. z homes by going down until the bltouch hits and activates then turns red. it does this twice. then goes up to park itself. what i need to know when do i, or how do i adjust the z-offset. from where it is at park, where it stops. or when the sw hits on the bltouch. and how do i get z-offset. I was showing you the one of daniel brooks in the earlier post above to show which marlin I have. It tells what is enabled. But I am trying to set this up, for about 2 months. try this get away for a week. I need to know what sequence I do the adjustment. I added the probe offsets in the menu the x–42.32 and y–2 z-?. z i don’t know how to get it. thanks guys

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I changed the title to try to get some other creality users to help.

Much more helpful question. Thank you.

The Z offset determines how much higher the nozzle is from the place where the BLTouch triggers. If you have it set to -1.0mm, then the bl touch triggers 1mm below where the nozzle touches the bed.

I like gcode and the terminal. So I use M851 to see what it is and set it. But once it gets close, I use babystepping.

  1. I first try to just get close. Set it to -3. Then do auto home. Then I move the Z down until the nozzle just touches the bed (within 0.25mm is good enough for this step). If I had it set to -3mm and the Z value where it touches is 1.8, then I need to add that and set the Z offset to -1.2mm. Then home again. If you move Z to zero, it should be very close to touching the bed. Save this interim offset by selecting save to eeprom in the config menu or send M500.
  2. Babystepping. I pick a test cube. 20mmx20mm. In the starting gcode, I want the bed to be heated up before I home (G28). The cube should ideally be right where the Z probed. When it starts doing the actual printing, even during the skirt, you should be able to see if it is too high or too low. On the standard screen, double tapping the knob will being up the babystep Z menu and you can adjust the nozzle up or down while it is in motion. This is where you can really dial it in within 0.02mm or so of perfect. If you’re new to this, err on the side of a little close, but you don’t want the filament to have a hard time getting out. Once you have the first layer of the cube, you can cancel it. Save this setting with M500.
  3. Once you have that, you should be able to add in a G29 for bed leveling in the starting gcode. Make sure you get the order right so the bed is heated before you start probing. Then you can try a wider print, or a calibration meant to test bed leveling.

But it is hard to get perfect. So just be willing to go make some prints, even if it doesn’t print perfectly everywhere. As you get more experience, you will know when to stress about it and when to just get on with your life. Getting the perfect level is, IMO, 80% of the skill needed in 3D printing. It will take some time to learn.

i can’t get the vscode to code anything without errors, i don’t know what’s wrong. visual studio i can code with it but thats the big microsoft program vscode I don’t know what the problem. I can take marlin that someone else coded successfully and I try to compile it. It won’t do it. still trying though. I want to get it working because I want to use it for a low level software for my cnc.

Vscode is meant to create any programs and by default, the compiler is to make software for your OS. To make code for the controller, you need to use platformio.

The code at MarlinBuilder releases should build if you dont modify it. Try that. If you get any errors, post the very first one.

command ‘’ not found. when i do build. its doing something now. You wanted me to send the first error. let you know if any more.

Something is broken in your install. You can try to let it update or whatever, but uninstalling and reinstalling is probably needed.

I’ve done that about 5 times, but I’ll try it again. let you know.

I wish I knew more about what is going on. I have installed it a few times, and it just doesn’t have any issues with me. I know some people say they have to install git, but I thought that has gone away.

I have another labtop, I may see what the vscode depends on and just install that that way. stm35 i think it is a c++ compiler. I think I may be missing that. who knows. but later