Creality v1.1.4 mother board Ender 5 for MPCNC

Good day,
I recently started to build my MPCNC.
I want to use my old ender 5 v1.1.4 motherboard. I upgraded the mother board of my ender and felt its such a waste not to use it as it is still functional.

The problem is I have no idea where ti start with the firmware. I read trough a few posts here but frankly it went over my head. I flashed Marlin 1.1.9 on it following Teaching Tech instruction 3 yeards ago, so there is a bootloader on it.

For those of you that got this to work, please help.

With a bootloader, it should be a good enough board.

I don’t know the board, or have any specific thoughts on using your board, but here is some general advice:

  • With only 4 drivers, you are going to need to use serial wiring. The wiring is detailed in the docs. Don’t make the mistake of making a parallel wiring harness.
  • The firmware at MarlinBuilder releases is for conpletely different boards, but it has a lot of tweaks we have found work for CNC work. I would start with a mini rambo build and make sure you can buid it in platformio before making any changes.
  • You will need to edit it for your board. If you can find someone who has a recent Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h for your board, the clues will be there. A tool like meld is great at comparing them. You will need to decide which parameters are for your board, which ones just changed over time, and which ones are from the CNC changes. At a minimum, the motherboard type and the driver types need to change. The mini rambo has digipots. IDK how the current on the ender board is set, but you will need to set that.
  • Make as few changes as possible between testing/building. Only fix the first error in the error log (the rest may be false alarms after the compiler got confused with the first problem).

We’ve tried to make it easy to build or flash on one of the boards we see a lot. What you’re doing isn’t too hard (it isn’t like understanding quantum theory, this system was made by humans, to be understood by humans). But it is outside the “yellow brick road”.


Thank you so much for the advice

I will ask around. For config files.

Much appreciated.