Create objects Automatically

I am trying to create the Star wars Aztec Calendar by using the “create objects automatically” function. I can’t get it to select all the lines in the drawings.

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Not quite sure about how EstlCAM processes things automatically but looking at the tool you have selected is a 60 degree 6mm vbit. How deep do you have for max depth?

It’s not picking up lines that can’t be distinguished from a neighboring line with a given width of the tool tip or engrave.

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Its automatic so I set the depth after it has already selected all the lines. That is what I don’t understand, why it isn’t selecting everything and then letting me select the depth.

I vaguely remember it having some internal limit on what it will draw. Is it possible it has made those, but isn’t drawing them? Maybe try either looking at the gcode preview, or deleting some of them and see if they show up.

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I know it’s been a year, but which settings did you use when creating it automatically? I am trying the same at the moment and I do not know which settings to choose.