Create STL and 2D carving tutorials

I would really like to step up some of the projects that I have been doing on my MPCNC. I know in order to create 2/3D carvings you have to have an STL file. What I do not know is how or what to use to create those. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tutorials for the above and also configuring Estlcam to do it. Thanks in advance for any input.


Ohhhhh, you did it now. This is going to get crazy.

To create something you need a CAD program, I suggest you try fusion 360 (free), check youtube for lots of tutorials such as Angus from makers muse. Stay away from the CAM side of it for now, keep using ESTLCAM. 2D parts are saved as a DXF, 3D parts as a STL, open either in estlcam and the appropriate menu pops up.

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Thanks, downloading Fusion360 now.


Ryan, You say Fusion360 is free, but when I go to there web site it said $40.00 Monthly or $100.00 Yearly.

What up with that?


You have to dig for the link usually unless they just changed it. Im headed out with the shipping let me know if you can’t find it.

Maybe I’m missing something but all I see is free 3-year education license.


That’s the one you want. It’s free for students or individuals/businesses who make less than $100,000 a year using it. After three years they’ll just reissue a new license for 3 more years, or whatever the current student license is for.

Okay, I was off a little, individual licenses are renewed on a yearly basis.


I also like fusion 360, so +1 to that suggestion.

If I am making really simple things and precision or specific sizes are unimportant, I might also use tinkercad.