Create toolpath

Hi everyone
My name Manuel (italian) and I just finished building my CNC US version of Vicious: D
How the Alligator card 32bit I configured electronic

I model in Fusion, but I did not understand how the CAM part …

With ESTLcam i understand gcode the son of a figure 2d … but how do you create a toolpath like this?

in 3d relief

Sorry for my english Google :smiley:
(I can’t post in the Software Section…)

Load an STL in estlcam and the menu changes.

then estlcam also creates gcode 3d components not only simple 2D shape?

I like to CAM in Fusion more than ESTLCAM. There are several VERY good videos on YouTube that are put out by Autodesk that will show you the right way to do so.

I’ll try to look even. there is a tutorial written with various screenshots that explain the basic steps?