Created GCode, but now what?

I finally created a gCode after switching to Chrome, but now I’m not sure what to do next. How do I go from gCode on my computer to gCode on my mini-Rambo?



Do you have an LCD? You can use an SD card to upload the file.

Otherwise you need to connect to your printer with something like Repetier-Host or remotely with a raspberry pi and CNC.js.

Here is that part using Some Old Guy Coding’s build:

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Thanks! I had watched this episode a long time ago and had forgotten all about it. I had tried the SD card, but kept getting NO SD CARD. I thought I had a bad card, but I’ve been through 3 different cards that all did the same thing. It recognizes the card installed and removed, but on the second menu it still comes up with NO SD CARD.

Any thoughts?

What file extension name are you using? Try *.gcode if you haven’t.

Not sure if this applies in your case to have a defective screen:

Success! Ignore all after ‘I’m a dumba$$’… I put the fourth SD card in and it worked. Guess I should start throwing the old ones away… Thanks for all the help, Scrounge.


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Great. I’m linking this new topic that discusses SD card quality, size, formatting, and the cables that might not be connected perfectly.