Creating a power panel for my CNC

I’m just about finished with my MPCNC and wanted to create a box that holds the screen, controller and any switches I might want to turn off accessories like the router / laser / (whatever) / Vac / main power. Can anyone think of something else I might want to add to this panel?

I’ll publish this up on Thingiverse after it’s done for everyone to use.

Good Plan, will you add a fan to the panel to remove heat away from board?

I printed out the top panel last night. Came out great! First 6 layers were in black and then I switched to red so the labels are more visible. The “box” portion of the bottom has a 50mm fan grill in it. It’s printing right now and should be done before I get home from work.




Nice, the 2 colors is perfect here.

Good Job, Well done. Still waiting for my 3D printer after which I could copy your work if you post it.

Awesome job Troy. Maybe a reset switch to zero all axis??

Nice! You’ll want to place your fan so it sucks out of the box, or has a filter, to keep the dust to a minimum.

Ok, I got it all printed out and put together. Works great, but I might make the walls a bit thicker to make it more sturdy. I love the idea of a reset switch :slight_smile: On the fan, I have a large hole cut into the cabinet inside the box where all the wires route through, so I’m planning on having the fan blow outwards and pull new air from inside the cabinet. If you would like to print one out, I’ve uploaded the files here;


Hi Troy,

I get an error from Thingiverse when I try to get to your file. I realize its been awhile, do you still have the file somewhere? Thanks in advance - I have printed my parts out and just received the electronics today. I am assembling now.

If you PM me your email, I can send them to you. I based this design off of something else that was already on thingiverse and the original author made me take it down.

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Being new to the forums, I dont know how to PM you. Help!



send me an email






Just checking you got my email - I sent it the other day. Thanks,