Creating more space on the toolholder...

Im in the position of having purchased a Katsu trimmer (the matika copy) to mount on my MPCNC.

If my understanding is correct then in an ideal world I would have the spindle centre as close as possible to the intersection of the x and y rails as they run through the large centre block of amazing bearings.

unfortunately I would have to have about a 20mm standoff to get the trimmer to fit without doing some modifications.

My first thought has been to try and reduce the thickness of the bearing bolt heads (if I can claw back 6mm then I think im going to get the trimmer to fit. Swapping from Hex heads to button heads gives me 5mm (just)

My current plan is to face down the hex ends from 6mm thickness to 1mm thickness using my newly commissioned 1946 Myford lathe.


Has anyone else encountered this problem, and did they have an alternative fix?.. and what do you guys (and girls) think about having such a thin bolt head - I do not think that there is any significant lateral load on these bearings if my working through is correct…





Thinner heads would be fine, there is very little force on them.

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If you don’t plan on changing tools, THIS thingiverse mount has a version that mounts directly to the z tubes.