Cribbage board

I designed this in Fusion and cut it in 3 passes. (Top and part, hole for the case, and last I switched to a vbit for the sfrips).

Burned the wood with a torch and clear coated the whole thing, then 3d printed the case and pegs:


Also made some coasters with 3d printed inlay:


That is a great couple of projects. Are the files shared anywhere?

I played a ton of cribbage in college. My wife and I used to play muggins, which is where you get to count points the other person missed. That stopped when she forgot to count her crib one time and it gave me a win. Good times.

I think I’m going to have to carve a coaster one of these days. I never have. I like the combo inlay for that project.

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Hey, thanks! I’ve had similar experience playing “muggins” with my wife ?. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with the coasters. Getting to the point where the tolerances were right was a bit of a journey. I haven’t posted any files yet. Do you recommend any sites/formats that are best for CNC files?

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I think thingiverse still wins in my mind. Dxf files are probably the easiest for things where dimensions matter. svgs are ok but some graphics programs have different scales so it is better for art (that you might scale anyway).

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Uploaded the front and back DXF as well as the case model. Hope if works!




Great work.

Your tolerances look really good on your coaster… will you be able to share these files too? I understand if you don’t want to… I’m sure it was a good deal of work.

What is your wood choice on the coaster?

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