Cricut cutter

Wife was looking at a cricut at the Joanne’s this morning. I told her my cnc could do all that with the right cutter head… Guess who is now trying to mount a cricut blade to his CNC…

Cool, the rotary blade is geared!

For what she’s wanting to do, I think I can just get this:




If all you’re doing is vinyl you’re good.

Vinyl, thin paper, Iron transfers.

One of the coolest things I saw while watching was the cricut makes a sticky hold down board. It has a light-weight tacky area that you can put the paper down onto. The backer is the same material as those big cutting mats. It looks like it gives an awesome place for the cutter to run over so that it doesn’t damage the tip.

Guess who better start thinking about building another MPCNC because they won’t have access to the one they have now anymore… :wink:

Cost-wise, I could just buy her a Cricut. I want to say my MPCNC was about $300 to get running.

Guess who’s just passing by spamming links and hopefully get banned from the forum…

I think the cricut blades are tangential cutters, so the rotation is driven by a motor, unlike a dragknife. If it rotates freely, it’ll probably work though.

My wife ended up getting a cricut from her mom for Christmas. We still haven’t had a chance to power it on and use it.

I’m sure it will do better than the MPCNC did, although I can’t complain. I got good results from all the cuts I did.

The last cut I did was to cut out a mask for a paint job I did on something. It came out well. Required minimal work with an exacto to clean up some of the sharper corners.