crown a little weird...

my best crown “pic” is a little weird - 1 and 2 look different. 3 and 4 are different widths. how to fix/make better? thanks.[attachment file=111988]

(the attached file is scanned in via a copier machine)

Use my gcode and my pen mount.

thanks but i did use your gcode and pen mount. sd card too. using a rambo programmed with dual endstops purchased from V1 recently.

Do you have another thread about this same thing? I prefer to stay in that thread if this is true.

I think you’re getting this post conflated with Tony DAngelo’s thread(s). Both were/are having issues with the crown getting a bit out of sorts. A quick check of rick’s activity shows that this is his first thread regarding the crown plot.

Okay. I honestly can’t think of a single way this could happen with my code and mount other than too much pen pressure or a very unlevel build.

Other code or mounts is a whole different thing.

thanks for your reply.

if you look here:

the above person had a crown with my issues too --> 1 and 2 don’t match and 3 and 4 are different widths.

here is his pic:

I spent a lot of time adjusting pen pressure which is tedious because your gcode tries to go into the bed a tiny bit when it actually starts drawing. so in the end, pen pressure was very light.

with all that said, that leaves a “very unlevel build” - does that mean my bed (where the paper lies) isn’t level or one corner is higher than another? what exactly does that mean? just trying to figure out where i go from here - thanks again for any help!




here may be another clue?

his crown is my crown but his is on steroids. what happens if my right Y belt (is that “Y2”?) isn’t as tight as my left Y belt?

So those both had a non working side. Loose pulley and a non working stepper. Have you taken off the belts to verify all are working as they should in the correct direction?

I’ll do that this weekend. will report back - thank you for your help.

Per another thread, are you using a fixed-barrel pen, or a “clicky” pen for your test? The play in pen itself could be causing issues.