Crown w/ Pen newbie does it look?

Good afternoon,

I wanted to post this to all your pros, I’m brand new to CNC and I just finished getting the MPCNC built. Here are my first two attempts. Wanted you to look and see how it looks to you. I’m a precision nerd, so some of the areas do not look perfectly round like I thought it might.

1st Attempt: moderate pen pressure not overkill

2nd Attempt: very little to no pen pressure

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Looks great! Can’t see anything wrong with it. Let’s see some cutting! :smiley:


I’m far from a pro but looks good to me!

Time to get it dirty! :+1:


Oh gosh! I want to. Trying to research how to take an .eps file and convert it to g-code. Any suggestions?


I don’t know the eps format, but if its vector based you can try to convert it to svg. Then get Inkscape and save as dxf (14). Then you can use estlcam or another cam tool to make gcode. The v1 docs has nice intros to this. Good luck! Please let us know if you get stuck

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There is an open source program called Ghostscript that can propably read the .eps file. I’m not sure about output options, but it could probably output pdf.

If there’s no svg options, you could convert to bitmap and re-trace it in Inkscape

So I was able to put the EPS file into Illustrator and then export to DXF and it went right into EstlCam. So I’m good there, just need to play around with engraving settings and figure out how it does each pass.


The crown original design isn’t perfect circles. So that looks right to me.

ahhh ok. That makes me feel better. I can already see how CNC milling is fairly addictive. I keep looking for reasons to use it now.


Yeah. I am sure you need some drawer organizers or some coaster and then maybe a small bookshelf you can rest a beverage on…

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