Current Limit Help on Non-Standard components

I have searched and read through most of the posts on setting driver current limits and came to two conclusions…either I’m severely math impaired or I just crave the special attention of my own post. But seriously I think it’s the math…

Just finished my 24"x48" cut area build. I’m running the machine with a Raspberry Pi with the Protoneer Raspberry Pi Hat running at 24v, A4988 drivers set to 1/16 microstepping.
Steppers are: 2.8v, 2.0a per phase, 1.4ohm phase resistance. I am running the XY pairs in parallel with your wiring harness.

Any idea what my currents on the XY pairs and the z motor should be? Looks like the factory defaults are at .55

Thanks in advance for your time and sorry if this is redundant.

In parallel for the x and y no more than 4/2.5=1.6v max but I am guessing that you can’t turn them up much higher than .6 or .7
In series 2/2.5= .8v but that again should be max so .6 or .7 this also works for the Z axis.

You are fighting thermal shutdown so keep an eye on them for the first few uses, drivers and stepper temps.

from here.

Awesome…thank you sir…