Custom feet?

I’ve noticed that the bolt holes in two of my MPCNC feet have snapped. I guess I’ve been a bit rough with it.

Does anyone have any recommendations for replacements on a 25mm machine?

Alternatively, has anyone tried non-printed feet? I’ve been thinking about trying something like this:

… but I’m concerned I won’t find any that fit snugly enough.


Im also interested in metal feet. anyone with experience?

Hmmmmm tempting… aluminium.

Expensive though!

Some people use plumbing threaded flanges. I think it’s probably the best el cheapo solution

I’ve recently had the idea to use a hose clamp for tightening the feet, but I’ve not hat the time to test it. Does anybody have experience with using hose clamps for this type holding, or is willing to test it out?

I’ve ordered 4 of these for the 25mm version:|cav

I’ll let you all know if they’re worthwhile.

I have always liked these,, I don’t go tall enough to use then though.

A friend of mine uses thin wire and crossed braced from the corners to the feet with thin wire that is also an easy option.

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My metal feet arrived!

The fit seems to be perfect. I need to upgrade these conduits next.