Cut Calculator

I know the cut calculator asks for the desired work width and work depth.
Is the work width and depth the actual area that the MPCNC can cut in ?
Or does extra space have to be calculated in for the area required for the gantry ?

I am hoping the calculator figures the extra space required to be able to cut in the work width and depth.


I am not sure I am understanding the question. The work area should roughly equal the are you can work in, depending on your tool choice. You’ll notice you have two dimension, work area and footprint/outside dimensions.

In Estlcam you can enable the “work area” under the Setup Menu where you set up the grid. I find this valuable for me on large gang cut layouts so I know I’m not placing cuts where my machine can’t reach. The useable space vs the “space between the rails/feet” I find quite drastically different but each machine is different so it may be more noticeable on some more than others.

I have also decided that a printed or carved 10-50mm grid on the spoil board would be time well spent for the way I use my machine - especially in placing objects in Estlcam in relation to my work space.