Cut layers off?

This is the file that I was trying to mill. The left side in particular.

About half way through the print, the dewalt tried to go in too deep and got stuck so it was unable to finish - but what I ended up with so far didnt look like the 3d model.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or maybe the software was going to smooth it out at the end? (this is my first test cut so i’m really not sure)

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is a photo of what I ended up with:

I had that at first and it was the Z axis binding. Putting some grease on the screw got rid of it for me.

I have some ptfe lube on it already. this one in particular:

Any other suggestions?

Post up your gcode.

I also have another issue now - i’m trying to use this pattern to make a test cut into some wood but the x and y axis move painfully slow even though i have it set to 15mm/s. Here is the gcode (for the new issue(moving too slowly) (these were the settings I used in estlcam:

I will see if I can find the gcode for the original problem as well.


In your gcode, feed rate is expected in mm/min. I don’t work with estlcam, but in some place you have to tell that your machine expects mm/min, so it will convert your 15mm/seg to 900 mm/min.

Martin DB: thank you that solved the travel speed issue.

I did a test cut and it looks like the dewalt might be slowing down as its cutting (maybe cutting too deep?) but the software thinks that the end travelled the distance that it was trying to. so the end product ends up with a bunch of overlapping lines etc.

Not sure if I should turn up voltage on the stepper drivers? or increase speed or decrease depth per pass?

Are you using pointy end mills? Your screenshot says you have a 90 degree point on your 1/8" endmill. Flat should be 180 degree. Speeds look alright, little slower than I go, but then again, that might not be a problem.

one of my pulleys was a little loose. im going to tighten all of them up just to be sure and give it another shot,

will report back soon

Looks like the pulleys were loose and tightening them up resolved the issue. I attached pictures of my first successful mill.

Are people using longer endmills than the ones on the store? the one i bought from here was just barely long enough to finish the job. Vame out pretty good though. Im pretty satisfied with the results.

I get my endmills from here.