Cut out tool in the UK

Heya all. Been looking for a DW660 in the UK but for the life of me cannot find one. Anyone know if there is an updated version or an alternate model number used in the UK?


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Forum searches reveal that folks are using Makitas and Kresses, among others.

none in the UK or old models…

Look for Kress. I’d love a Kress over here in the us.

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Look for a 500 watt trim router that weights about 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. It should have 1/8 and 1/4" collet. Not sure what brands you can get at a DIY store in the UK (Ironmonger?).

These will be meant for trimming laminate or other small materials. The are meant for trimming the edge of a laminate sheet for a countertop or something like that.

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I got a makita, works well. Any of the 700 models will work. That being said a router with lower RPMs would be preferable for wood

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My choice was Katsu rt0700 clone with 1/8" collet. The collet was almost as much as the router!

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How is the Katsu treating you?

@Robobob thanks man, Im new to this so just dont know what to look for on sites like FFX

@barry99705 Kress is a bit out of budget…

@scrounge79 thanks man

FWIW I’m using a 15 year old 500w Bosch router of a model that’s not made any more but very similar to the ones B&Q stock, and was able to buy a 1/8" collet for it as a spare part, but the collet was £15 with £5 postage!

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let me see what i can find. My one concern is… is there a unit/body size i need to take into consideration?

Great so far. I’m not cutting to micron accuracy, so I can’t comment on that, but it works just fine for what I need. Can’t argue with the price!

I think any router of this sort of power should fit so long as it’s basically cylindrical. There’s plenty of space if you push the centre assembly up against the rollers. It is much easier if you can find someone else’s design for a tool mount though, rather than having to design it yourself.

Yea, see what’s available locally, then see if there’s a mount for it. Seems like there should be one already made for most of the standard name brand trim routers though.

thanks all

@robrevens is the mount for that the stock mount or must I find a STL for it?

You’ll need to find the stl. The stock mount is for the dewalt.

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I used this one.

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thanks everyone. Amazing!

Just a question, why do we need 1/8 bits? Why not use 1/4" bits?

1/4 cause more stresses. It’s easier to push a 1/8th inch bit through the wood.

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Thanks, I suppose 1/8 bits are cheaper too? Any one using collet reducer bushes?