Cuts not lining up after tool change.

I printed out some clamps to do a tool change and am getting my Z axis home with a feeler gauge. I’ve been running a lot of test cuts today and I’m having issues getting the second tool to line up. I have the clamps attached tight and both X and Y axis are butted up against them. I measure Z axis with a feeler gauge after each tool change and lower it the thickness of the gauge.

The guy I bought this file off of said to cut the 90° v bit 3mm deep and for the straight bit give it a 3mm finish. Now I’ve done this and it leaves an area that is not cut between where the straight bit andd V bit cut. Am I suppose to select a finishing tool? I’ve tried to do that, but it cut into where the v-bit was. In the cut labeled 1.6 I created a carve and then created a hole I gave it a 1.6mm finish allowance and zoomed really far in it appears to stop at the center of where the v bit was cutting. After I did that I deleted the carve and cut it as you can see it didn’t go far enough.

In fact most of the time the second cut will be off about .5mm. So what am I doing wrong?

The second picture is the file I have except I have a different branch of the military on mine

EDIT: I just realized I posted a similar question the other day. I’m sorry, but hey if anyone has any additional advice I’d welcome it. I’ve seen a lot of flags cut this way.

What are you trying to get as a final product? I don’t understand.

You have made a few threads all sort of asking the same thing. Are you still trying to cut a angled wall and a flat bottom? As I pointed out in the other thread this is by far the easiest thing to do with just the vbit, no tool change. I even linked the estlcam video demonstrating how to do it.

Yes angled wall and a flat wall cut down 3mm. The entire thing is around 20”x11” and I just thought it would take to long to do all of this with a v bit but if it wouldn’t that would be great!

I’ll watch the video again. Thanks

Sorry about all the questions ?

The pocket is 20"x 11"?

Why don’t you upload the dxf so I can look at it and show me what endmills you have. I can get you a good idea of how to do it.

Thanks man!

I have:

90 degree v-bit 1/2" cut area

1/8" 2 flute ball nose

1/8" downcut spiral

1/4" downcut spiral

[attachment file=58952] (14.9 KB)

Wow that is running a lot faster than mine. I have my v-bits set to run at 10mm/s. Tool list btw.

[attachment file=“tool list2.png”]


Don’t pay attention to the speed.

Upload your DXF, not gcode, or whatever format the design file is in. You will still need to zip it though.


The dxf should be uploaded. At least it shows up for me. See post #58949

That unzips to a partial gcode file.

That’s very odd. It opens for me as a .dxf. I’ll just upload it to google drive.

I have an idea, give me a bit to get it in there. Regular bit for the stripes and cutout, and Vbit for the cannons, letters, and stars.

You don’t have any up cutting bits? I am going to use conservative numbers to try and compensate but I think you should try bits like I have in the shop.

A single flute upcut, 1/8" and the 45 degree v bit.

High speed routers cut much better with a single flute, and a 45 degree bit allows for a deeper channel in fine details. My CAM will work if you edit the tools at a later time to the suggested.

Will these work?

Also I’m having a hard time finding a 45 degree v bit. On Amazon that is.

I mean there are these…

I have it set up just trying to optimize it a bit, 3.5 hours is a lot.

Yeah that’s what it was going to take me to do the entire thing. I thought it was long for what it is.

I’ll order that v-bit in your link, no 1/8" upcuts?

I attached what I would do. The speeds are really slow. Make sure to check and compile your own, I have a bunch of funky testing going on and the begging and ending gcode could be funky as well as you need to figure out what to do with your tool change and I am getting tired.

[attachment file=58981] (3.36 MB)

Ok thanks man I appreciate your help so much. I just bought those bits from your site.

Just to clarify, I carve out what’s shown to be carved, do a bit change, and then do the stripes and outer cut, correct?

If you click on the sections you will see it is set to do (in order) the stars, “army”, cannons, bottom letters.

tool change

Stripes, then cut it out.

You really should do a test piece of a square to cut out, Large A from army, a star, and part of a stripe. I know what my machine can probably handle but you are making a 3 hour experiment, what if this fails when cutting it out? Maybe you can do all the cuts 2x faster, or maybe all of them except the actual cutout?

I gave you a file for how I would do a cut, this is not the file that is perfect for your machine. You will need to change the parameters to accommodate the bits you use.