Cutting in parts - unfinished cutting paths

Hi, I just built MPCNC 120*80cm, but found it too small. First real project I desperately need to finish is simple 2D cutting from plywood sized approximately 146x40cm.
My thouhgt was to split this project to halves, clamp the board from the side, cut one half, rotate board and cut the second job - hope this makes sense to you.

What I did not figure out in EstlCam - is there simple posibility to follow only part of part’s outline? This means to return tool using the same path it followed, not to cut aroud the whole part.

As workaround, I could force tool to follow “dummy” path outside of cutted material, but this looks like “dirty” solution to me

Whatever vector editing software you use should be capable of splitting artwork into parts for multiphase cutting. The key will be registration— getting the cuts aligned when you flip the work piece around. Jigs for consistency in placement will be the ticket. There are some open source vector editing programs.