Cutting mild steel?

I am getting ready to cut the 3mm mild steel sheet for the airplane wing fittings. I am very much hoping that trochoidal milling will do its magic (I believe it will). I plan to experiment (of course) and cut full depth, quite fast (2500mm/min) but with very small stepover (I’ll start experimenting at 3% and see how I go).

Advice sought:
What endmill would you recommend?

Anyone tried this?


Just remember the stepper lose power the faster you move them, 41mm/s is pretty fast. Try to find a compromise a little slower.

You can adjust speed, flute count, stepover, and depth.

My suggestion is get all the way through the material, and that way you do not need to deal with Z. I think you will be able to get pretty aggressive with the trichoidal stepover (it ramps in and out), and the finishing pass will clean it up nicely.

Please share your progress, I would love to do a bit more steel cutting.