Cutting MP3DP V2 parts XZ_Frame is too big for my MPCNC

I have all of the parts ready for making my MP3DP V2 but I realized that the XZ_Frame_mm part is just barely too big in one direction for my MPCNC to cut :*(.

Any ideas on how to accurately break it up into 2 sessions where I move the material and run the second half?



I don’t have any issues on cutting up the model and setting up a program that starts where the other cut left off in software and gcode. The difficulty I’m looking for ideas on is how to move the material precisely after running the first cut and setting it up for the second cut. Any ideas or experience would be appreciated.

I ran into the exact same issue.

What I did was only drill the holes in the piece because they did fit the mpcnc bed size I had. That way all the parts would match the mounting holes.

I also added some holes to the model at corners and some on the cut lines as far as the mpcnc would allow as reference points. The cnc only did drilling.

The cuts were done by hand with a straight edge using the reference points drilled into the piece as guides to align the straight edge. Was able to extend the cuts further than would of been possible with the cnc cutting. It looked a bit ugly but the alignment of the printed parts to the frame was fine and that was all that really mattered.


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I managed to get it cut. I sliced the file in half on the side that wasn’t big enough to mill. I made sketches that were not closed and moved the sketches on top of each other so they had the same start point on the stock box.

I pushed my material up against the opposite feet so that the Y dimension would be held in a straight line.

After the first cut when the tool returned to the start point, I slide the material up until the end mill was sitting against the end of the line (start point of the next cut).

I ran the second cut and it finished the whole thing. I adjusted the x by about 1mm because I thought it looked off and that was probably a mistake. It ended up shifting the outline on the second cut by about 1mm or less. Nothing a little sanding can’t take off though.

[attachment file=“cut1.png”]
[attachment file=“2nd_cut.png”]


What size is your mpcnc

I build the MP3DP with cutting the frame parts by hand, did awesome prints, including a complete MPCNC which I meanwhile used to redo the frame parts.

If I would come into the same situation, I would do the important part, the inside. The outside is just cosmetic.

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Exactly, the holes are really the important part, the rest really is not all that important.