Cutting oak 80mm thick?

Hi there,
I have a request to cut several segment bows out of 80mm oak, longest side 800mm.
The parts can be roughly pre-cut on a band saw, so I dont have to mill a deep slot.

In case there is a router bit in this length…did anybody tried something similar?

I think the tool must be at least 10 or 12mm in diameter, if I want to go that deep?
I guess any router with a bigger collet then 8mm would maybe a bit oversized for an mpcnc?

Mhh, doable or not worth to think further?

Thanks for comments,

@gearhead82, wow, 80mm is pretty thick. I recently saw a couple longer cutter suggestions (looking for the post) but I think the flute length was ~1.25” and overall was ~3” (going off of memory). I guess you could use one of those with two setups (top and bottom)?

What is the arc height that you will be cutting? Could you rotate the workpiece 90deg after roughing with the bandsaw and do two setups (one convex & one concave)? That would give you a uniform surface on each side and a little longer reach as long as the end of the Z assembly doesn’t interfere with the workpiece.