Cutting Oak... not good

So i have a nice thick beautiful piece of oak to use for my chessboard.
However my first initial test cuts are not working.
Im getting a TON of vibration in my D660 near the bit. I think its too hard of a wood.

Im using this bit

Im slowing way down at 2mm/s at 1mm depth of cut… that seems pretty slow, but its not happy.

So about 4 inches per minute? I would think that is plenty slow even for a hard wood. How far down does the bit hang out of the DW660? What mount are you using for the DW660? Is the bit good and tight or does it seem just kind of tight?

i dont know the conversion but in ESTLCAM i set it to 2mm/s.
Bit hangs down kinda far, thats a good point, i will try that… that seems VERY realistically an issue.
using the normal thingiverse mount for the 660.
bit is tight, but hanging down.

also would a 1/4" bit be better for this heavy cutting than the 1/8" i have in there now? seems like it would be.

A 1/4" bit does flex less. Looks like the 1/8th inch bit you linked to is extra long too, so you can also try just finding shorter 1/8" bits.

1/4" at 5mm/s with 4mm depth of cut worked great… i think its just a more stout bit… all looks good.
im engraving and cutting my chess board now… SO EXCITING :slight_smile: