Cutting parts out of pine - Chomping along.. ?

What am I doing wrong here… trying to cut some harley signs out of pine using Amana Tools 46348 1/4" Down-Cut 2 flute bit. My spindle is running around 10k but even up to the max at 12k it does the same thing. So not sure if its merely the wood or the bit or a combination of many things but the cut turned out not so good.

I’m no expert, but it almost sounds like your cutting too slow. Up your feed rate. What’s your DOC?

feed is 400mm/m and doc 1.5mm spindle is running about 10k

Try going faster. Maybe 1mm or 2mm depth on each pass and 1000mm per minute. (I think I cut around 1800mm per minute.)

It sounds like you are barely cutting any wood and there is an intermittant load. Maybe try cutting deeper. 1.5mm seems shallow for wood and also at that feed rate from some of the other things I remember reading here. Im a noob to these machines as well so dont take my word for it.