Cutting stainless steel pipe

Hello everyone,
I picked up some 1" od .065" wall stainless steel pipe. I’m wondering what every one is using to cut it with? I have a reciprocating saw, miter saw, standard pipe cutters. Any recommendations on my best bet and what type of blade?


Good standard pipe cutter and lots of free time. Take it slow and you’ll get a nice clean cut without buying new blades for each tube.

My first pipe cutter was damaged right after the first cut. (25mm/23mm stainless steel). Was a cheap one. Than ordered one from Amazon for 25€ and cut all the other pipes with it. Worked great. It took some time, but with good music it was not a big deal. Way less dust and better edges than cutting with a saw.

I just used an angle grinder with the thin discs :slight_smile: Only takes a few seconds.

Thanks guys, I’ll let you know how it goes. Still printing my parts out, so I still have time to tackle cutting the pipes.