D660 Cutting wire

Karl etc… I have some molex that i would like to use for the 660 in your top of z mount.
I already have a Cat 6 in there for the laser etc which is SWEET. Ive not tested it, but it should work.
So now I want to use molex for the power wires for the D660,
What is the gause of those wires inside? should a molex be able to carry that? I figure if they can carry PC power they can carry this.
thoughts? having a 660 quick disconnect would be TIGHT!!!

i think i found my answer through an amazon config tool… said the 18 gauge replacement wire would work. then i checked that molex is 18 guage as well. should be all set :slight_smile:
if not, i will ruin my dewalt :slight_smile:

Interesting. I’m afraid I don’t know enough to say whether 18ga is enough to power the DeWalt. I would think that if it’s not, it’s not your DeWalt that will be ruined, but the wiring. I do agree that it would be nice to have a quick disconnect for the DeWalt. I have my DeWalt and laser mounted simultaneously, I would need another solution anyway.

Anxious to hear how it works out for you!

The wire is probably just enough if you keep it short but the molex connector will most likely melt. Make sure the wires are secured on both sides of the molex. We kept melting the molex on the Robo’s bed heater plug, and it gets worse the more times you use the plug.

Search for Anderson Powerpoles. You can get them rated for up to 45amps and they are designed for multiple insertion cycles. Molex Connectors have a very low insertion cycle count.

Well its not necessarily for swapping out all the time… I know there is a toolhead out there to run both the d660 and the laser…
Karl, did you design a universal for both?

anyway, it worked just fine, so i have a disconnect.

however my disconnect of the laser failed. I think it cant run on ribbon cable, which i think is 26gauge. i have some more 22 gauge coming from amazon tonight.

crap, i dont have more 22 gauge coming… i cant wait 3 more days to wrap this up. any program running BIGGER gauge wire with smaller wire?
like could i run 18 gauge with 22?

So i used the 18 gauge per another sites “Ok” and its all works. laser, fan, dewalt, etc… all with disconnects. I may change the dewalt one at some point if i end up needing to, or it melts, or something.

Either way, Karl, im LOVING the top of the Z block you made… What a game changer. That plus the universal mount. Cant say how much more adaptable this is

I HATED changing tool heads etc, now its a snap (literally).
im tidying up cable management on my Winch and stuff, so i can finally wrap up that video soon and get the info out there… its working really well.

Here is a quick snap of my progress (part of it) today.

Both fan and laser are in the Cat6 connected cable.
On the back end of that I use a molex (since its heavier gauge than the normal wire, i dont think im at much risk of heat etc).
I wanted to be able to remove mostly any component or run of cable to trubleshoot or when i have to move the machine (mine is 40x40)

I may change out the molex for the D660 , ill just see how that goes.