Day and the life of my MPCNC getting ready for winter

Check it out having fun with it so be nice lol

I really like the clamps. Simple, effective, cheap.

looks like I will be moving in the spring so at that time I will have a new shop bigger and better so will have all my toys setup and able to make proper areas for everything and tops I have some t-track so thinking of using that and then 3d printing the clamps but this works for now its all about having fun and that’s what I am doing lol

Just having a bit more fun with mpcnc and playing around with editing.

Wesley, really like those signs. Mind sharing what program you are using to create those? Thanks.

I am using microsoft publisher (wife does sorry and then sends them to me as a jpg) and then using v-carve pro works like a charm here is a finished sign I should have added it in the video but will save that for another lol The signs are all her idea’s I just cut&carve

and the other one we redesigned the last name because one it was spelt wrong and it wasn’t bold enough. Trial and error with alot of fonts some look awesome some look not so awesome