Dead Laser Diode

I was about to start a laser job this evening…Got it all setup focused as per normal. Then went to reset the board to reset the zeros… but it did not produce the usual super bright flash. It was much dimmer then usual. And When it looked at the dot it was not focused nearly tight as a few seconds earlier. So I moved it up and the shape is no longer the usual rectangle but round and splotchy.

I checked the Arduino and driver. The Arduino is out putting the proper 0-5 volts. I connected the test load and It was showing 2amps at 100% power.

It seems like it must be the diode but I am in denial… LOL it has many many hours of mirrors on it.

@leo69 what does it sound like to you?

I am estimating at least 600 hours of full power use. DTR said I should be about to run it @ 2.2 amps with much issue and active cooling which I have. But was only running at 2 amps.

I’ve never run mine at 2 amps. 1.8 is the highest I’ll go based on the datasheet for the NDB7875 but I don’t know enough to dispute the advice of the pros at DTR. I’m sure they can be run at higher power with very good cooling and for short periods but I don’t think this is ideal for long-running production jobs like raster engraving. Doesn’t sound very good if you’ve already tested the driver and Arduino. The lens didn’t wiggle loose did it?

I removed the lens, screw it in, unscrewed it, shook it, wiggled it and it is still very faint. :frowning:

I am thinking I am going to buy a 1.8w for image engraving in wood etc and a 6w for raster engraving the mirrors.