Dead LCD on arrival


I’ve got a dead lcd, the backlight wiring to the rear on the LCD has snapped. This was caused by the metal cover on the back of the LCD coming loose from the glass portion.IMG_1840

The TFT panel is a CHUANGLI CL35BC106-40A, can’t seem to find one online anywhere.

Any bright ideas for a fast solution to New Zealand ?

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How good are you at soldering? They’re just power lines, so you could just solder some wires from where the power ribbon cable starts, to where it connects to the display board.

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Soldering to flexible PCB is very hard - but I’ve removed the broken section and bypassed it. Turns out the 6 backlight leds are all in parallel and there are two 3.3v lines on that section of flexible PCB and 5 ground lines.

So now I’ve got backlight, it (the entire board) still isn’t working. Right now I’m not sure if I still have a display problem. or I’ve got a bootloader problem. When you have booted and loaded new firmware does the firmware file on the display get renamed like it does on the SKR ?. I assume it should because otherwise it would get reinstalled everytime it starts. Mine isn’t…