Default g-code feedrate?

Hey guys,

I’m playing around with F-Engrave to do some pretty intricate v-bit inlays, and the g-code it spits out for feed rates on movements looks weird to me.

As best as I can tell, the software thinks “F229.0” on a line all by itself will set the default feed rate for the rest of the file, rather than specifying a feed rate on each movement. Is it right? The first chunk of G-Code is below, with my own comments added. I know it’s going to require some hand-editing regardless.

I checked and, but couldn’t find anything that looked like this. I also don’t see any lines like that in output from ESTLCam, Fusion, or Slic3r Prusa Edition. I’m used to seeing an FXXX at the end of each G0 / G1 line.



G90 ; Absolute position
G21 ; Set units to millimeters
G17 G64 P0.001 M3 S3000 ; This line is just broken. I'll fix by hand
F229.0 ; Set feed rate?!?!?
G0 Z1.500 ; Go up 1.5 mm
G0 X27.951 Y63.437 ; Move to the location of the first cut
G1 Z0.000 ; Go to the top
G1 X27.951 Y63.437 Z0.000 ;Let's do this
G1 X28.262 Y63.139 Z-0.328 ; yaay. Cutting!

I’m pretty sure it will continue running at the same feed rate until a new feed rate is given, which causes issues if the feed rate is higher than the Z can go. That’s why all our post processors give feeds in each line.


Thanks for the help, Barry! I did a little regex “post-processing” in Notepad++ to make it look like the g-code we know & love.

Here’s the result of my test run using a 90 degree 1/4" v-bit on unsanded, soft, kind-of-wet lumber.

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