Default Tab Depth in EstlCAM

Is there a way to set the default tab depth and length in EstlCAM
For the parts I make the tabs must be strategically placed, can not use the automatic tab placement option.
It would be much simpler if one could just click on the tab and select the tab locations without having to set the tab depth each time.


Hi Tom, I am using Estlcam since few month.
When I need to set tabs I first edit dept and lenght in the propoerties window image
and than i can manually put all tabs I think are needed where I like to make them.
I hope I understood correctly your question and that my explanation suits you.

You only have to set it once per toolpath.

But I agree. I use 6mm tall holding tabs every time and I always enter it in the box.

Or you can select a number of tool paths, and then set the tab size, and it will apply to them all.


Thank you Robin
Your method is exactly what I was looking for

Thanks again