Definetly I can't square middle x/y

my CNC works very well but it can’t get a perfect square. A parallelogram is done instead. Yes, 4 corners are squared and diagonals are the same cm long. I buit it like instructions. I’ve tried playing A and B tension bold but… no result. I don’t know what I can do.

Before you hit start measure and set all the rollers equal distances from the closest corner, make sure both are the same distance on each axis. X rollers should be the same distance, y rollers should be the same distance, then hit start.

The problem is that first I set x rollers at the same distance but then I set y axis and because of not squared, x roller is moved and it’s impossible because I would have to force and it come back to his not squared position.
I’m sorry for my expression but I’m not english and this vocabulary isn’t easy for me.


The only thing to do is take the center apart and put it back together following the directions. At every step make sure your assembly is square then you know exactly when it goes out of square. if it isn’t square ever, check your printers x, y, and z calibration by moving and measuring 100mm on each axis.