Design for laser fabric cutting

I’m looking to build a laser fabric cutter for 1 yard cuts of fabric. Since most fabric is typically between 45-72", I decided I may as well construct a 4’x8’ working bed, as I’d like to in the future cut out some OpenDesk plywood furniture.

I’d like to use this board as I own one, I’m assuming that it’s a matter of rebuilding marlin using platformio?

I’m also aiming to use a 2.5w diode laser for the cutting, as that seems to be more than enough to cut both cotton and felt.


I’m going to building my table with 2x3s and topping it with 1/2" mdf. I’m not 100% how I’ll piece it out to cover it all, but since there will probably be a spoil board on top, it shouldn’t be an issue.



I am not familiar with that board but since it says smoothie board, I am not sure there will be a preset Marlin pins file for it, you probably need to stick to smoothieware?