Design help

Good Morning,

We are progressing at a nice rate with the learning curve of our new CNC. We have made great strides and have now progress to creating our own designs instead of just borrowing other designs found on the web.

I am using inkscape and Illustrator to create some beginner designs as this is still my expertise level. I have some questions. I will not address 3D designs and cuts at this point.

  1. How do I create tool path like the one on the Rupanco video under the Media Tab.
  2. I have created a design in Inkscape and used a simple, narrow font. No matter what font I use, when I take it to estlcam it recognizes both sides of the each letter as a tool path (outline) and is causing me problems. I can't get smooth lettering from what I create. I am looking for a single tool path to create the smooth cursive look.
  3. Can someone provide some elementary tips for creating nice lettering.

1- That was probably done with a font, but if you can;t find one you like the other way to do it would a “spline” That is a curved vector path.


2-Try using Carve and select the inside portion. If you use a V bit you can get get both smooth and sharp corners. Both christian and I have carve videos.


3-Start with a TTF (true type font) and a Carve CAM path. same as #1 and #2