Design LED Lamp

Hi Guys,

Now that I have the CNC working, it is time to start doing useful things. I’m starting with this lamp, which I find pretty awesome. I got the idea from the following instructable:

Unfortunately, I was unable to use the plans provided in this Instructable, so I made my own, redesigning all the parts to use CNC cuts instead of the original laser cuts, so much thicker material (6mm and 17.5 mm plywood).

So far it looks great, I was amazed by the big rings, which have only 7mm walls and were just perfect, I was afraid they would break.

I Just have a few more pieces to cut for the base, but otherwise all the parts are done. Next steps will be to glue everything, add the LED, sand smooth and find an appropriate finishing.

CNC milling is awesome!

That’s really cool.

Dude, that’s awesome. Can’t wait to see the it finished!