Design on door for a cabinet

Wanted to add a cool pattern to a cabinet door that will sit on a cabinet hiding our internet router and fuse box. Unfortunately I made my MPCNC to small for this project so I had to settle for a design that did not cover the entire door.

Used a carbide V-groove bit at 4 mm DOC in MDF that will make up the door.




Looks very good!

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Great idea, nice design, and excellent execution.

Thanks for passing this along.


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Really nice. There are some tricks to going bigger than your table but, I really like how that come out!

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Very nice!

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Do you have a link for tricks to working on something larger than the original cutting area? I’m trying to figure out the best way to do just that.


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You can use positioning pins, or a stop block and work from all sides depending on accuracy needed. Those would be the most relevant for this type of thing, I think.

Pins are pretty straight forward. I think David made a 9’ ruler or something like that with 3-4 repositions.


Thank you guys for the feedback!

Ryan, the pins is a great idea and I will try it in the future if I have the need.

Here is an update with the finished product, painted and mounted on the wall.


[attachment file=“WhatsApp Image 2019-08-08 at 18.30.41.jpeg”]

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I can’t tell if that’s from the future or the past, but I want to live there.

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Really nice!

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