Desk lamp

Picked up the light from Ikea the other day when I was down towards Cinci.

Adding photos as I go. Cutting with a 1/16" end mill. It was designed to be laser cut, had to move the knobs around so I’d have something for the tabs to actually connect to. Will be interesting to see if it fits together well enough to use. None of my local stores carry metric plywood. Quarter inch is close-ish.

I don’t think plywood manufacturers use imperial or metric :).

Looking good though.

Good point. They use the “that looks about right” method of measurment.

That is gunna look sweet when it’s done, you’ve tried a few of there designs right?

Yea, I cut out a couple of his trivets, and that basket that’s held together with paracord. Dry fitting some of the parts and the holes are a little too wide, but I can work with that. That’s why they make white gorilla glue.

Yeah Zenziwerken got alot of nice stuff. I wonder how often his free-for-non-commercial designs are violated license wise…

edit: just looked at the imprint, the guy running the site is right from my neighborhood. :o

Barry, amazing project, just finished to cut material 6.5 mm) and assembled three little Desk lamps. Have you decided upon type of finish?

I used acrylic spray. See attached image:


WHAT!! Those look so cool, you guys are making me jealous. I’m stuck on the phone trying to get kyocera to sell me bits for cheaper, and not getting dirty…


I saw your “I made this” on the webpage. I think I’m going to go with clear acrylic. I cut everything out of birch plywood.

I do like seeing the layers.

Got the first layer sprayed on. Used up what I had in the can. Might just get a rattle can for the second coat if I need it. I can’t keep water based stuff in the barn over winter, so I’m trying to use stuff up.

I bought that hvlp sprayer you suggested. I’ve only used it once. It used a ton of paint. It made quick work though. Not the best finish, but I’m sure I’m to blame.

Yea, you have to play around with it to find the right settings for your paint. Even though it can spray unthinned latex, I still thin it a tad bit. Not as much as the directions though. Unthinned you get almost a roller texture. I’m still too chicken to spray oil based paint through it. That crap is a pain to clean up.


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What do you think? Do you like it?

Yea, it’s pretty neat. Need to stop by tractor supply and pick up a big washer. Needs see weight on the bottom.

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Do you still have the cutouts? You’re at least halfway to having a concrete form for the base.

I thought about getting a piece of lead flashing and cutting it out on the router. I could use one of the base pieces dxf, but then thought better of it. If brass can gum up an end mill, think of what lead would do! We don’t have kids, and I’m pretty sure Shaneh won’t chew on the base, so wasn’t really worried about that aspect of it. A big concrete base would look out of proportion, unless I scaled it up to use half inch plywood.

I also encountered this dilemma and chose to apply a metal disk 3"
diameter 1/8" thk which is epoxyed to a socket I routed in the
base of the lamp. As in the attached picture.

oops, here is the picture: