Desklamp Century


made this lamp as birthdaypresent with the mpcnc and 3D printer. The base is applewood and was meant to be cnced round but I took the shortcut with a lathe :stuck_out_tongue:

The arms were intended to be aluminum but again time was too short to get it right so I took wood instead.

Thatโ€™s cool. The black part of the shade in the rendering, is that supposed to be 3D printed too?

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Jep, that is a printed part with a natural pla inlet beneath it to get diffused light.

I love it. I have finally been able to work on a personal project a bit, I hope it comes out half that nice. Good work.

Thanks Ryan!

Iโ€™m still a bit proud of it. It was a present for someone, so Iโ€™m still on it makig one for my desk :slight_smile:

It will, hope you find some time soon.

You should be proud. That looks pretty dang good.

Thank you :slight_smile: