Dewalt 618 plate

I would compare to the Calc I keep referring too, that is by far the easiest for me to get real, good numbers and your sheet is missing many factors, Yours looks like just ideal chipload, there should be a very large range that is ideal for any endmill.

We have extremely high RPM spindles, you are trying to use a 4 flute end mill at 6k, a single will do the same at 24k and have better chip evacuations and a better torque output from our routers.

I’m getting really excited about this. The router doesn’t seem to stress the tubes at all. I only get to work on it on Fridays and hope to have it up running soon. The center of the table is supported by a 4x4.

I got the second stepped installed on the 618 gantry today and as you can imagine it’s an absolute unit. I’m measuring about .5mm of sag center if the beams.

Ryan is absolutely right. This is complete over kill, but this was my first design project and it’s been a lot of fun.

Without the cutter

Well guys, I’m almost cutting circles in 2.5mm carbon steel on a single pass with no oil. I’m really happy with the results so far. For what I’m using it for the holes will never be seen. I’m going to try doing some lead ins next time. Lets see if that helps even out the flat spot.

Also need to increase the travel height.

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Had some more time to play with it today. I’m really happy with the results. I’m using this bit and it’s holding up really well.

Real world speed ended up being 14k.

This is all done single pass using Trochoidal Milling. 7.5mm/s 5% step 25% width with NO OIL.

Thanks again Ryan!

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David, would you mind sharing the CAD file for your plate? I’m considering using the Hitachi M12VC which is similarly large, and could use your plate as a starting point.

Have you had an issues over the past few months re: weight or anything else?

Thanks, any hints are appreciated.

I haven’t had any problems with it, but I don’t keep the router stored in the gantry. What’s your email address and I’ll email them to you.


Thanks, it’s jasonparekh at gmail.

May I also have this? I just got a 618 and this looks amazing!

Sure, Sorry I’m just getting back to this. DM me your email.

May I have the file for the 618 plate as well? Building my first table in the next couple of weeks and want to use a 618