Dewalt 660 Dust Shoe

I want to add a dust shoe for my vacuum but haven’t been able to find something that looked like it would work for the new universal mount for a Dewalt 660. Is there one on Thingiverse or elsewhere on the internet? I’d rather not have to create one from scratch, especially since the raw CAD files for the mount are not available, but will probably end up doing it anyway if someone hasn’t already done that.

The blank for the tool mount is up. you can easily mount something to the toolmount and not the tool itself. I have a few Ideas but I have not had the time to make one. If you make one do yourself a favor and take off the rigid part of the vac hose, that is nothing but a long lever arm that will deflect your tool. Mounting it to the gantry is your best option, worst option is clamping it near the collet or the z motor. Most prctical is center of the tool mount.

When I get home I’llpost up some pictures of mine. It’s mounted to my router.

This is the dust shoe I’m using, with modifications.

Modified the tube clamp to fit over a 1.5" piece of pvc. It’s superglued to the pipe, couldn’t fine any nuts to fit the screws I had. The sheetrock screw is just there to hold it while the glue dried, then I just didn’t remove it.

Had to cut a chunk out of the top to fit the router mount. Duct tape is holding until superglue dried, then didn’t bother removing…

Ryan wanted to know which shop vac™ I have.

Here is one I found:

Dust Shoe Adapter:
Dust Shoe:

That was what I used with the old mount, won’t work with the new one.

Looks good